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Tripp-Lite PowerVerter APS 3636VR Inversor/Cargador

!! Tenemos grandes cantidades, Pregúntenos por el mejor precio !!


PowerVerter APS 3600W Inverter/Charger with Auto-Transfer Switching and Line-Interactive Voltage Regulation serves as an extended run UPS, a standalone power source or a truck/RV/Industrial inverter.

  • 36V DC or 120V AC input; 120V AC output (hardwired)
  • 3600 watts continuous, 5400 watts OverPower and 7200 watts DoubleBoost inverter output
  • 3 stage, 30 amp selectable wet/dry cell battery charger
  • Auto Transfer Switching option for battery backup / UPS operation - includes wired APSRM4 remote control switch
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation corrects brownouts and overvoltages without using battery power
  • High reliability large-transformer design with protected DC and AC wiring terminals
  • Supports 120V AC output from a 120V AC line power source or 24V DC battery source.
  • 16.6 millisecond automatic transfer between line and battery power supports UPS protection during blackouts and voltage fluctuations for equipment compatible with a one cycle transfer time.
  • 3600 watts continuous AC output in inverter mode, 3600 watts continuous AC output in AC mode
  • Double Boost inverter output supports momentary startup loads up to 200% of the continuous rating for up to 10 seconds.
  • OverPower inverter output supports longer duration overloads to 150% for 1-60 minutes under ideal battery and temperature conditions.
  • 3 stage, 14/55 amp battery charger with adjustable settings for wet/gel battery types offers fast, reliable battery recharging.
  • Protected hardwire bolt-down input lugs safely accept heavy gauge input wiring from attached battery bank
  • Protected hardwire output passes 120V line power or inverter output through to connected equipment.
  • Reliability enhanced large-transformer design with secure mounting flanges and protected DC wiring terminals
  • Moisture-resistant construction enables vehicular or marine operation in high humidity environments.
  • 3 position operating mode switch supports "AUTO" mode to enable automatic transfer between DC and AC modes, CHARGE-ONLY to maintain a full battery charge when AC is present without auto transfer and SYSTEM OFF settings.
  • Set of six front panel LEDs display AC/DC operational modes, overload status, DC voltage level, shutdown status and system fault status.
  • Set of 4 configuration dipswitches support wet/gel battery charging profiles, adjustable 135/145V high voltage auto transfer during overvoltages and selectable 75/85/95/105V AC low voltage auto transfer during brownouts.
  • Set of 4 additional configuration dipswitches support 4 levels of charger limiting relative to output load size, a battery equalization program and battery charger low/high settings.
  • Resettable 25A charger AC input breaker and resettable 30A AC output breaker and automatic 2 speed cooling fan protect the inverter from load and temperature related failures.
  • Grounding lug properly connects the inverter/charger system to earth ground or vehicle grounding system
  • Automatic overload and thermal shutoff safely turns off inverter as excessive loads or overheating conditions develop.
  • Front panel remote control connector enables remote off/on switching (requires APSRM4 switch accessory).
  • Optional APSRM4 accessory also includes user configurable jacks to support inverter shutoff or startup as a vehicle ignition is engaged.
  • Load sensing control dial enables adjustable load threshold required to automatically turn the inverter on and off in DC mode as load conditions change


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